S&E Plastering and Dampproofing Tanking

In cellars and basements, damp walls are a common problem. This is due to the earth surrounding the walls is often saturated with water and this moisture can seep into the masonry and through the
brickwork. This water often contains minerals and salts that can damage finishing touches on the walls such as paint.

However, the damage damp can cause is more than cosmetic. It can also lead to black mould and even dry rot. Tanking walls prevents damp issues by forming an impermeable barrier that is completely waterproof using tanking slurry applied directly to the walls. This is ideal for application on walls below ground.

We prepare the walls by cleaning off dust and old paint, applying salt neutraliser and filling in any gaps. After the wall is prepared, we create an effective waterproof barrier using tanking slurry then we add a finish such as a waterproof plaster.

Depending on the potential cause of damp, different treatments and preventative measures will need to be taken. We offer dependable advice to help you find the right treatment for your property.

In addition to basement work, S&E Plastering and Dampproofing can help our clients in Malton, Pickering and the surrounding North Yorkshire areas by performing chemical injections to prevent and treat rising damp. We also offer woodworm treatments to eradicate any infestations and ensure the structural integrity of your property is maintained.

With almost thirty years of experience, the professionals at S&E Plastering and Dampproofing havethe expertise to perform dampproof tanking to even the most complex buildings. Whether you’re a
builder looking for help finishing a project or a homeowner looking to avoid to the catastrophic damage caused by inadequate dampproofing, don’t hesitate to contact us. Since our founding, we have built a reputation of dependable service, high-quality workmanship and transparent pricing.

We are CSCS qualified as well as being an approved contractor for Sovereign, K Rend, Parex and Weber. This means you can rely on us to have knowledge and expertise that is completely up to date and be assured that you’re choosing a business with properly trained professionals.

If you’re looking for an expert in all things plastering and dampproofing in Scarborough, Ryedale or
the surrounding areas, you can rest assured that we will be able to provide top class advice and work that is right for your home and your needs.

Rising damp, condensation and penetrating damp can all cause havoc in your property. Contact us for a no obligation quote today to help with dampproofing and other preventative measures.